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Committee on Renewable Energy Sources

Committee on Renewable Energy
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img_info_1The Republic of Kazakhstan is the participant of the UN Frame Convention on climate change, ratification was in 1995. According to the Frame Convention, Kazakhstan has the obligations on the programs performance, related to greenhouse gases emissions reduction, gases are responsible for occurring global climate heating of the Earth. One of ways of greenhouse gases emissions reduction is the replacement of traditional sources of energy as petroleum, coal and gas by renewable energy sources, such as water, wind and solar energy, Kazakhstan is so rich by them.

February 9, 2011, in Astana city, UNDP   and Kazakhstan Electricity Association (KEA) have signed the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) development in Kazakhstan. It is possible to consider this date as a starting point, the activity beginning of Committee on Renewable Energy Sources of the Kazakhstan Electricity Association. 

During of memorandum signing between KEA and UNDP, speaking about a role of renewable energy sources development, Mr.Almasadam Satkaliev, the Chairman of KEA director’s board has noted: - «it answers interests of the consumers and economy. Kazakhstan has a huge wind potential, which is necessary to use for manufacture diversification of electrical energy and reduction of greenhouse gases issues, within the framework of Republic of Kazakhstan obligations execution on the Kyoto Protocol. The key tasks which are authorized by association - participation in legislation development and different scale RES projects support in Kazakhstan ".

The Committee purpose - efforts association of not governmental organizations, the state and business in renewable energy sources development, environment pollution reduction and energy keeping program realization in Kazakhstan. During of memorandum signing, it was marked that the partner’s cooperation will be directed on transfer of UNDP project results to the Committee for further distribution among the interested representatives of business, and also in steady job assistance of Committee on Renewable Energy Sources.

For the strategic goal achievement, the Committee solves the following tasks:
-Perfection of legislation base for an effective renewable energy sources usage;
- Support to  renewable energy sources projects realization;
-Economic mechanisms formation which is ensuring the support and  transition to renewable energy sources use;
-Assistance to  scientific researches in the renewable energy sources field;
-Development of the international cooperation in sphere of renewable energy sources use;
- Realization of active information campaign, attraction of wide public attention to renewable energy sources use.

On today, KEA is the member of working group on modification and additions in the Law on renewable energy sources; KEA was accepted as a member of World Wind Energy Association also.
Among other,  the nearest future Association job plans are: to develop the State program on renewable energy sources and introduction of clean energy technologies in all economy branches; budget financing increase for the fundamental and applied researches, demonstrational projects and skilled  design development in renewable energy sources scope. Besides, it is planned to fix the necessity of renewable energy sources use in the legislation as obligatory, including of all forms of small energy sources and other alternative, nontraditional energy sources use.