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Committee on Renewable Energy Sources


19.02.2013. The International Agency on Renewable Energy has created The Global Online Atlas of the sun and wind energy resources
19.10.2012. Report: 180 solar panel makers will disappear by 2015
08.10.2012. In NKR the electricity will be developed by wind generators
27.09.2012. The Eurasian national university goes to solar power
20.08.2012. The Republic of Kazakhstan will join the influential international organization in renewable energy sphere
17.08.2012. The situation analysis with wind energy in one of the largest economy of the world is published
30.07.2012. International renewable energy & energy efficiency forum
04.07.2012. World Wind Energy Conference “Community Power – Citizens’ Power” opened in Bonn
28.06.2012. In Almaty region the solar power station is commissioned
29.05.2012. The experts study the Kazakhstan market with the purpose of renewable energy projects with up to 25 MWt. capacity
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