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Committee on Renewable Energy Sources


19 февраля 2013
The International Agency on Renewable Energy has created The Global Online Atlas of the sun and wind energy resources
The Global Atlas is the comprehensive information platform on the potential of renewable energy. It provides resource maps from leading technical institutes worldwide and tools for evaluating the technical potential of renewable energies. It can function as a catalyst for policy development and energy planning, and can support investors in entering renewable energy markets.
What share of a country`s energy mix can be supplied by renewable energy? Where are the resources located? What is the most cost-effective combination of technologies? What volume of investment does this represent and is there a market large enough to create a supply chain?
Assessing renewable energy resources is the necessary first step in answering these questions and in eventually creating an enabling market environment for deploying renewable energy. This first step requires large upfront investment in evaluation, and a high level of technical knowledge. That is why a global and open portal providing this information can make it easier to take this first step.
Renewable energy databases mainly focus on specific aspects, such as physical information on insulation or wind speed. Other databases feature economic and policy frameworks such as support mechanisms for renewable energies.
The Global Atlas integrates all aspects and information needed, from resources to potential and includes accompanying information such as socio-economic data, policies and support mechanisms, and infrastructure data. Through a growing partnership and new measurements, the Atlas will be continuously expanded.

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